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Le 10 août c’était la fête de "Rakshabhandan" ou "Rakhi" en Inde, à l’origine la fête des frères et sœurs mais depuis longtemps devenue la fête des amis très chers. Ci-après le beau récit de Mahesh à l’occasion de cette journée à Apna Ghar ainsi que le lien vers d’innombrables photos de famille heureuse.

In India RAKSHA BANDHAN is a festival that celebrates the love and duty between the Brothers and Sisters.

The festival is also popularly used to celebrate any brother-sister like loving protective relationship between men and women who are relatives or biologically unrelated.

On 10 August 2014 there was RAKSHA BANDHAN in India and we have planned to celebrate it at apna ghar hostel with children. So for children were excited and happy they were looking very handsome in new dresses. Their faces were glowing and their flashing eyes were looking very beautiful.

After being ready early in the morning all of them sat in the common hall and waiting for their sisters with solicitously. First of all Vishal’s and Pranjul’s sister came and they started to tie the Rakhi on children’s hands. One by one all children got Rakhis on their hands. All children were very happy to have lots of Rakhis on their hands and their sisters were also happy to got opportunity to celebrate this festival with 36 brothers. It was really very cheerful moment for us. All children were looking very happy and they had lots of emotion, respect or love towards their sisters.

After this we ate lots of sweets. This program was continuing to the evening and all were enjoying the whole program. At the night Sameer has wrote in his diary that he was very sad in the morning because he knew that his sister did not come but when he got lots of Rakhis in his hand, he was very happy and thankful towards their friends sisters.

Really this program was heart touching and cheerful. We all enjoyed this with full entertainment.

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