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15 août, 68ème Independance Day


Du côté de Kanpur comme à la Gandhiji Schoolles enfants de Apna Ghar fêtaient eux aussi l’événement. Pour eux c’était l’occasion de porter leurs nouveaux vêtements. On en parlera bientôt, leur famille s’est agrandie, avec les petits nouveaux ils sont maintenant plus de 35 ! Spectacles patriotiques et danses étaient bien sûr à l’ordre du jour.

Dans l’album ci-dessous, les photos prises par Mahesh ainsi que son message

"Celebration of 68th independence day was full of joy and cheerful.all children were very solicitous to hoist the flag at apna ghar on 15 August morning.all preparation have been done for celebrating independence day.first children went to their school, participated in cultural program and when they came back to apna ghar, we began our program. first of all AKIBUL and SULTAAN hoisting the Indian Flag with senior citizen Mr Shiv kumar. along with Flag hoisting all children saluted the Indian Flag and sung a national anthem song of India.on this occasion Mr Mayank Shukla was also present and gave motivation speech to all children. he said, in the real meaning of freedom we are still not free. we are still too far from the dream of our great leaders like GANDHI, BHAGAT SINGh, AZAAD, SIBASH CHANDRA BOSE etc.we have still lots of work for do to get freedom. we will have to do work for ringing equality in food, health,education, employment, electricity, water and for all those sector / things which are too far from the reach of common people. so if you want to see the real freedom in your country, you have to be a honest, responsible and hard worker towards your study, your health, and your parents. always be ready to help others" "At the end of this program, lots of sweets were distributed among the children and elders.the whole program was very enjoyable and inspiring. all children were very happy and have beautiful smile on their faces"

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A très bientôt !!