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The Joy of colors at Apna Ghar !

In India Holi the festival of colors is one of the most popular, vibrant, exciting and fun festival of the year. It is based on on the theme of victory of good over evil but it is also a celebration of spring, the return of the colors around us new leaves and new flowers. Specially for children this festival has lots of fun and joy. It gives happiness with new energy.

Apna Ghar also celebrated Holi with fun and fervor and be immersed with colors for three days. on the evening of 5th march, we hold the public bonfire called Holika Dahan.Apna Ghar boys were collected at the bonfire place, brought the firewood and light it at 12 ::00pm and rising the moon.everyone gathered around the fire and shout "Holika Maya Ki Jay Ho" "Holika Maya Ki Jay Ho"

Next day morning all children gathered on the ground and started play with colors.during this period colored water and powder were thrown or applied to faces and clothing of all boys.they were very excited, as now they wanted to use all these colors on each other. children also sang holi songs like - Bura Mat Mano Holi Hai and hold dance with fast music. This joy were continued for next day also. children enjoyed lots of fun and entertainment, small children like - Mantas, Sultan, Akibul, Rahul, Santosh were very happy and played first time Holi celebration.

On this occasion we also cooked some traditional dishes like - Gujhiya , Papad, Chips and Khurma. children enjoyed all dishes and said Bye Bye to Holi.

Very very Happy Holi to all of you. enjoy the joy of colors with sweet dishes.

Here i am sharing some photos of holi celebration, please enjoy it.





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